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  • Advice to Applied Math Graduate Students

    I graduated in person this weekend, and in reflecting on my doctoral journey I’d like to share some strategies that helped me as an applied math grad student. Maintain research logs for yourself every day. By logs, I mean mini progress reports. And write them in LaTeX so you can copy and paste snippets of…

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  • Dissertation

    I am thrilled to share my dissertation, A Lighting-Invariant Approach to Local Shape from Shading. Citation Heal, Kathryn. 2021. A Lighting-Invariant Approach to Local Shape from Shading. Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Abstract Shape from shading is a classical problem in computer vision, in which the depth field of an…

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  • MATH231A Final Project

    My Final Paper: Variations on the Nerve Theorem, from Math 231a Algebraic Topology (Fall 2016).  

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  • AC209 Final Project

    AC209 Final Project

    Most of my efforts went toward the image processing portion. Our final project for AC209 Data Science can be found here: Our GitHub Repo:

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