Welcome to my personal website! I am a Ph.D. candidate studying computer vision.

I’m Kathryn, a rising sixth-year Ph.D. candidate studying algebraic vision with Prof. Todd Zickler. I have been working toward a doctoral degree in Applied Mathematics (AM) at Harvard SEAS as a Draper Laboratory Fellow since September 2014. I received an MS in AM from Harvard in November 2016, and a BS in AM from UCLA in June 2014.

Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms conference @ Amherst College, 2019.

In general: My research sits at the intersection of statistics, geometry, and topology.

Programming languages: I prefer Python (notebooks), TensorFlow, and MATLAB, but also have experience with C++, Java, and HTML/CSS. In addition, I am familiar with Mathematica, LaTeX, and Magma. I also enjoy making mathematical figures in Adobe Illustrator — for example, those on this page!

Teaching experience: I was a teaching fellow ENGSCI 150 (Introduction to Probability for Engineers) at Harvard in Spring of 2015. I am honored to have received a Certificate of Excellence in Teaching, based on student evaluations.