Recent travel  (AKA where we may have met!):

  • Graphics Colloquium at MIT CSAIL, Oct 2019. Gave a talk on current work on shape from shading.

Algebraic Vision Cluster 2019.

  • Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms, Amherst College, June 2019. Presented a poster.
  • Visited the Leipzig Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Germany, April-May 2019.
  • Theory and Practice in Machine Learning and Computer Vision Workshop at ICERM, Feb 2019.
  • Algebraic Vision Research Cluster at ICERM, Feb 2019. Gave a talk on current work on shape from shading.

SIAM Algebraic Geometry 2017.

  • Workshop on Real Algebraic Geometry at ICERM, October 2018, presenting a poster titled “Representing the Space of Visual Depth Ambiguities as a Real Affine Variety”.
  • S3PM (Shape, Solid, Structure & Physical Modeling) at UC Berkeley, June 2017. Received a NSF student travel award.
  • ISIT (Information Theory) at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, June 2017, giving a talk titled The Number of Independent Sets in Hexagonal GraphsSlides from my talk.
  • SIAM-AG (Algebraic Geometry) at Georgia Tech, July 2017, presenting a poster titled Induced Probability Measures on Persistence Diagrams. My poster.